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Chinese Cemetery

 Ashcroft re-established 2016

The work on the Chinese Cemetery was a dream of the Rotary and Lion's Club for many years in Ashcroft.  One day Patricia Denis was visiting Marina, who was teaching her mosaics.  Patricia came up with a wonderful place for Marina's Dragon to live: the abandoned Chinese Cemetery of Ashcroft.  That was where it all began.  Patricia helped finish the Dragon, which was not complete at the time.  Andrea Walker made it her mission to find the words to go on the Dragon and so she contacted the Kamloops Chinese Society and found the words we then placed below the Dragon: Live Forever (in Mandarin Characters).  Daniel got busy finding designs for Josh Temples and also researched altars for Chinese Cemetery Temples.  He then set about designing both the temple as well as the Altar. He did it through formwork, creativity, and concrete for the altar, which has become a piece of art in its own right.  The temple is a thing of beauty as well.  Daniel also designed the kiosk for the Dragon and the Koi bench and the finials for the top kiosk.  Thanks you to Pache Denis, Bruce Walker and many other community hands that helped construct the structures in the Chinese Cemetery.  Thanks to New Pathways to Gold for funding the material costs.  All work done on the project was volunteered joyously to create inroads towards reconciliation and peace.

Joss Temple at Chinese Cemetery

This beautiful new Joss Temple structure and concrete Altar at our Ashcroft Chinese Cemetery were designed by Daniel Collett.    Pache Denis , Bruce Walker, and Alex Lapore  were instrumental in constructing these structures with Daniel.  Pache also took on the task of administrating New Pathways to Gold funds through the Ashcroft Rotary Club. The Ashcroft Lion's Club were also involved with the unveiling ceremony and provided food and refreshments for  the event. Our Provincial Government Minister of Multiculturalism Theresa Wat unveiled an "Apology Plaque" recognizing the poor treatment of the Chinese workers who were instrumental in constructing both the CN and CP railways .

Glimpses of the Love that has poured into our revived Chinese Cemetery, 2016-2017

Chinese Cemetery Project in Ashcroft 

Chinese Railway Workers Circa 1900

For a complete story on what the Chinese endured, why they came and what happened to them and their families it is worthwhile to visit our wonderful and comprehensive Museum in Ashcroft.

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