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Daniel hard at work on the mosaics for the circles surrounding the St. Alban's Dove

The St. Alban's Dove Mosaic was a collaborative inspiration of Daniel Collett, Marina Papais and the congregation of the church.  It has been a gift from the heart producing the beautiful mosaics that will fit into the amazing framework that Daniel has created with his amazing woodworking skills.  Together Marina and Daniel designed the framework and it was the intricate skill of Daniel that enabled the final creation.  Many hands have gone into the creation of the mosaics surrounding the dove, which was inspired by Daniel and Marina and Daniel took the artistic directional lead on how the mosaics finally were presented.  Thank you to Joe and Sheila and Diana and Martina and David and Alice for all your help.

The St. Alban's Mosaic Artwork is in process here.  We were blessed to get and cut all the 6 ml glass we needed, by ourselves and with second hand glass and donations of glass.  Thank you David and Alice Durksen!  That saved us a bundle!  Daniel got busy on this very complicated framework for the piece at the end of February and still had not finished it till the end of April.  It is the most complicated frame he has ever created.

We are so grateful to Joe for helping us with the mosaics.  Joe, a resident of Ashcroft, has been a glassworker for many years.  He is doing a wonderful job with the mosaics and is a pleasure to work with.  The excitement is building on this most wonderful Mosaic.

Daniel Collett routering frame for the new Art Mosaic at St. Alban's Church in Ashcroft

Sage Hills Church​, 


The People of Sage Hills Church asked Marina and Daniel if they would help build a sign for their church.  The church paid for materials and many got together to help Marina and Daniel build a Mosaic Sign.  The sign was  a joy to create from beginning to end.

In the beginning the making of the sign seemed HUGE and an endless task.  There were those that wondered if it would ever get done.  In the End, it was a joy to behold that we could do it together and with the work behind us, we are now able to enjoy our new sign forevermore! 

Temple Glass for Govardhan Academy

The glass for this temple was created with the students and staff of Govardhan Academy in 2014-15.  What a lovely experience to volunteer our teaching skills for the year with the wonderful students of Venables Valley.

Glass Art Made in Love for St. Alban's Church, 2015

Christ the Redeemer Church, Cloverdale

When we began work on this church, the church was not doing well due to many reasons.  However over the ten years Marina worked on this church, there was a notable insurgence of interest in this church with many people wanting to be baptized and married here.  The art helped vitalize this church and helped build moral and community once again.

Holy Holy Holy, Lord God Almighty

Gwen was 92.  She had a desire to see these words emblazoned on the windows of the church.  She was ecstatic to see the finished product. Two weeks after we installed this window, Gwen left us.    Others wanted the Wheat and the Chalice painted on the glass.  Thank you to Patrick Reyntiens for teaching me how to tattoo glass while I was in his course at Pilchuck Glass School.  This set of windows contained everyone's desires, making the  the project that much more satisfying.

Some glimpses of the art inside Christ the Redeemer

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