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First Responders Mosaic Project

Before any glass was applied it was important to create the blueprint for the coloured glass to be applied to.  This process takes a considerable amount of work but is necessary as a road map going forward.  Marina first drew all lines in with pencil then applied a wash of watercolour to indicate colour of glass needed for each section.

The above images were the second phase of our project for the First Responders Mosaic.  We together had had a number of meeting where we figured out what we wanted to see the Project looking like.  We decided on a photo from above so B.C. Hydro graciously donated the use of their 70 foot crane truck so that our photographer, Neil_______ could take posed pics from above.  We did this photo shoot in the Ashcroft RCMP parking lot.   It was a lot of fun!

​When the photos were complete we decided together on the image that we felt represented the united and communal feeling the First Responders of Ashcroft/Cache Creek feel towards one another as well as towards our community. From this decision Marina took it upon herself to draw the image full scale and then apply water colours so that the First Responders could follow the colours while applying mosaics.

Marina in process of drawing image and applying colour

By drawing the image on the substrate, and then by painting in the colours, it becomes easier to apply mosaics.  The next stage will be to apply glass tiles to all areas of this 5 foot by 7 foot plywood.

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