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Ashcroft Ranchland

This​ project began in May of 2019 with a request by Jane and Buzz Osterloh to consider doing a mosaic about Ranching. Jane and her sister Mary are descended from the Cameron family;  prominent ranchers who owned a​nd developed several ranches in the Ashcroft area starting in the mid1900's. Thank you to Jane, Buzz and Mary for sponsoring this mosaic that highlights the importance to the area of the ranching community.

Ashcroft Ranchland

This is an Homage to the Pioneers who came to the Ashcroft Area many years ago, beginning around the middle of the 1800s.  This project was started by Mary and Jane Cameron and Jane's husband Buzz Osterloh, who offered to sponsor the mural for materials and through the church they were baptized and married in, St. Albans, Ashcroft.  The riders depicted are Brian Parke, in front, who's great great uncle Tom Parke along with his wife, established Upper Hat Creek Ranch circa 1860.  The rider in the background is Henry Schneider, an iconic Cowboy figure of the area.  Thank you to Kathy Paulos of the Ashcroft Museum for all her continued help and support.  

The piece was illustrated by Marina Papais who worked with Gary Winslow and his photo shoots of this vast area.  Laura Hedges became involved as the director of the painting process that followed and together the women created and finished this painting.

“Gary Winslow did photo shoots of the ashcroft area as potential scenes to be depicted in the mosaic

Schalles Ranch and Bonaparte River Valley.

Here's what we've been working on

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