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Anahim Lake School Project 

honouring Carey Price for the Breakfast Club

What a wonderful experience promoting the Breakfast Club that in part is funded by Carey Price who grew up in the Anahim Lake area.

Anglican Journal

This was an article posted in the Anglican Journal upon the installation of four windows donated to St. Alban's by Marina and Daniel

The Harmony Bell of Ashcroft makes news

Around the World

The Harmony Bell Ceremony was a truly happening event with representation from all facets of our community.  New Pathways to Gold Member Lily Chow and President Don Hauka were there as well.  There were approximately 300 people who came to attend the opening of the Harmony Bell and a wonderful celebration ensued. 

Mikal Brogan,Principal of 100 Mile Elementary School, wrote an article from his thesis on a "Sense of Belonging" in schools.  This Project have all 350 students and parents and staff participate in a school project that encompassed everyone into a mosaic soup legacy venture. This article was published in Educational Leadership Magazine in 2018.

The above are some of the articles that have been recently written about the mosaics in the Ashcroft Area as well as throughout schools in British Columbia.

Community Mosaic Projects are popular everywhere and everyone can participate quite easily and readily.  The process brings a sense of belonging.  The product becomes an ongoing community legacy of inspiration.

News of the Apology Plaque Reaches China

Our Adopted Daughter Nina sent this article back from Taiwan.  How exciting that news from our small town of Ashcroft reached Taiwan!  

Bonaparte Blessing for the New Bench and Time Capsule for the Harmony Bell Project April 7, 2019

Jackie Tegart, MLA, introducing the Time Capsule and New Bench for the Harmony Bell Project in Ashcroft

Time Capsule for Ashcroft installed and dedicated April 7, 2019

A wonderful ceremony was held at the site of the Harmony Bell Project on April 7, 2019 to dedicate the Time Capsule of Ashcroft to the Future Generations of Ashcroft.  Many people were in attendance including Jackie Tegart our MLA, Barbara Roden, our Mayor, Bishop Barbara Andrews, Bishop for the Territory of the People for the Anglican Church, and many elders from the Bonaparte Band such as John Pierro and "Dolly Parton and Carol King and friends".  The ceremony was followed by a barbecue at St. Alban's.  The date on the Mosaic Tile is the date that the Harmony Bell Project was ​unveiled in Ashcroft.

Mayor Barbara Roden Introducing Time Capsule and New Bench donate by Territory of the People on April 7, 2019

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